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The Reconstruct Is Complete!!!

The reconstruction is finally complete and now PSClub is online, but to enter the site, you will require a password (everyone who already joined PSClub will recive it by e-mail)!


I will try my PS-club a better place by reconstucting it att make it more like a fan-zone for all of you PS-fans out there!

But now I got PSclub mail, where all the members get their own mail, so it will be easy for me to send you my information about the club.

Please send me and e-mail from your mail so that I can add a link to your mail to the Member List!

Hope that you will enjoy it!

About Phantasy star Club:
This is a great place to exchange PS ideas, comments, get my latest news, information via e-mail and much much more!
Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Alexander
  2. Eagle
  3. Bobby
  4. Kerrek Nalanthi
  5. Tim Wilder
  6. ZIO
  7. Sashanan
  8. Noah Hazin
  9. Zio
  10. Jacob
  11. Derrick
  12. Chaz
  13. Ian
  14. Zola
  15. Rolf
  16. Kavin(Yosho)Fields
  18. Locusta
  19. KnghWar4

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