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About PS 4
In 1994 Sega released Phantasy Star IV. A company which actually cares what their fans think, gived them a game that rivals the original. A total return to the classic Phantasy Star story line as well as gameplay make Phantasy Star IV the favorite of many fans. There was even plans laid out to return to the first person perspective dungeons found only in Phantasy Star I. You can see a pictures from PS IV in my pics page. In Phantasy Star IV, you find the secrets of the Algo Solar System and face an new darker, more powerful evil. Don't count Dark Force out either! You begin the game as Chaz Ashley, a young Bio-Hunter trainee of sorts. His teacher is Alys(no she's not Alis!) Again you will journey to distant planets in search of companions and answers to the mysteries of Algo. With the perfect story and enormous cast behind it, it's easy to see why this game is thought by some to be the best in the series.

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