Phantasy Star 3  

About the PS III first generation.
Gamers waited in eager anticipation for Phantasy Star III. Two years after Phantasy Star II they got their wish. While this game is my least favorite in the series, hey, it's still Phantasy Star!!! Phantasy Star III takes place sometime after the events of Phantasy Star II. No exact time is given as is in the other games. In order to create something new and different, the designers of Phantasy Star III took away ALMOST everything that made Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star II. Sure a lot of the original type of gameplay was still there but not much else. In Phantasy Star II the battle scenes showed your character in front of it's adversary striking away. Phantasy Star III reverts back to the original style of battle found in the original Phantasy Star, in which you only see a flash appear across the enemy you are striking.

In Phantasy Star III you begin the game as the Prince of Landen Rhys, and today is your big day! You are marrying Maia, the mysterios woman you found on the shores of you father's kingdom. But as you and Maia walk up the aisle, a winged dragon grabs your bride and dissappears...

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