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The cast of Heroes and Heroines of Phantasy Star II. From left to right: Group pic, Anna the Hunter, Kain an expert mechanic, Shir the Thief, Rolf an agent, Amy the doctor, Rudo a Hunter, Nei a Numan(half bio-monster half human) and lastly, Hugh a biologist.

Not long after the arrival of the Phantasy Star I, came Phantasy Star II. Picking up were the original left off, Phantasy Star II delivers a great story, huge worlds to explore, and even more companions to obtain. This game offers the same style of game play as the original did with one exception, the dungeons. Due to memory limitations the dungeons shift to an overhead view. These dungeons are huge!!!! So huge in fact, that Phantasy Star II came with a hint book! Complete with maps, hints, and locations of villages (look in my links). Other than the dungeons though Phantasy Star II looks like a beefed up version of the original. The game takes place about one thousand years after Phantasy Star I. The focus of the Algol Solar System has shifted to Motavia in this game. You control Rolf, an agent who lives in the capital Of Mota, Paseo. He is also the last decendant of Alis Landale, the heroine from Phantasy Star I. The game is long and trying but never boring or to frustrating. You will only have the oppertunity to explore two worlds in Phantasy Star II but trust me, you will not regret it!!!You must also choose wich of your companions to take with you on your mission to destroy Mother Brain, the super computer wreaking havoc on the Algol Solar System. You will be allowed up to four companions. Can you do it? At least you'll have fun trying!

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