Phantasy Star 1

I am still trying to beat it...


The year is Space Century 3420. The game begins with an introductory sequence that shows Nero, a young adventurer, critically wounded and dying at the feet of his killers. Alis, his sister, finds him in this state. He tells her of his brave attempts to stop Lassic, an evil king who is hell-bent on leading their world to destruction. He also tells Alis about Odin, a powerful warrior who might be able to help her do what he set out to achieve- stop Lassic before it's too late. And with that, he passes away. Alis vows to do as he wishes and avenge him.
So, the adventure has begun! It's a pretty impressive adventure, too... a long and fulfilling journey throughout which you'll stop by many towns and shops, fight terrible beasts of many kinds, and stock up on different kinds of swords, shields, and armour, as you should in all RPG's. You'll also meet three others who will travel with you as your companions during the quest- Myau, a cool cat with the claws and ears to match; Odin, the warrior of whom Nero spoke during the intro scene; and Noah, an esper of the desert. But to start off with, Alis is on her own.
The combat system in Phantasy Star is the traditional RPG turn-based, command-based style, where you choose various attacks and magic spells that you learn as you make progress. Interestingly enough, you can use all four of your characters in combat, whereas in FinalFantasy7 you can only use three! You'll fight all kinds of strange enemies during the journey.
Being a game of 1988, the graphics are nothing spectacular, of course. But we're talking Master System, right? And in that respect, the game looks superb! The map screens and character sprites are bright, sharp and colourful, and the backgrounds and enemies in the combat scenes are also very detailed. The anime-style character close-ups look good too. Certainly nothing to complain about, especially considering that this is an 8-bit console!
Another highlight of the graphics is the smooth three-dimensional dungeons. Obviously, nothing to make Doom weep, but they are fun to manoeuver around in all the same and a nice touch. Look out though, because in some of the harder ones it's not hard to get lost!
Phantasy Star also features very good sound. Not as impressive as the graphics, the music is still entertaining, especially the tune in the tower scene(The one that you can hear now). Sound effects are also pretty good.
But in spite of excellent graphics and good sound, where this game shines is in it's great gameplay. It's a long, addictive journey, with an involving storyline, which in my opinion all games should have, especially role-playing games like this.
My comments: I can`t really say much about this game, becouse I actually never played it... i could not even find Myau! I do like the music, but disagree that the 3D dungeons are so cool, because I like the 2D look of the three last Phantasy Star games. I hope that Ill beat this game some day!

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