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My Biography on Phantasy star
I`ve got my first Phantasy star game, when I was only 8 years old and it was Phantasy star 3, first I didn't really understand it so I left it with the rest of my SEGA games, but time went on and I started realizing that the game wasn't so bad. After a year of playing the game, I started understanding the idea behind the game (I never played RPG games before) and liked the RPG-series games! Through years I played a lot of RPG's, games like Final Fantasy (didn't really like it, sorry FF-fans), all phantasy-star games (1-4), many SEGA RPG's (don't remember all the names), like Shining Force 1-2 (A really great game), Sword of Vermilion and so on (you get the idea). I don't really care what you think about it, but I thought that Mario- RPG was a nice game too! I try many different RPG-games in this world, but my favourite will always be Phantasy star(specially phantasy star 3).

My comments about Phantasy star
I decided to write my own comments about Phantasy star game`s and here they are:

Phantasy Star

If you want to see everything i wrote, then visit my Phantasy star 1 page. All I'm going to say here is that the game is great (great 8- bit graphics), I still can't understand how they made such a long game in only 8-bit cartridge (cool huh?).

My score:

Phantasy star 2

Made in a 16-bit cartridge, the game has improved graphics, more complicated labyrinth, cooler monsters and more charters to choose from(well there wasn't anyone to choose from in the first game actually). The game is so complicated that it needed a hintbook (read more on my PS2 site).

My score:

Phantasy star 3

The game isn't as complicated as PS2, it has a total different story line and doesn't remind you of any other games (maybe Sword of Vermilion, but not too much...), you can even choose a different story line every time you play, because the game consists of three generations. the game doesn't have the best game graphics so that could the biggest minus...

My score:

Phantasy star 4

I have to admit that the this game is much much better then the classical Phantasy star serie. The game got better graphics, many bosses (like the evil Zio, three Dark Forces and many more). The game also got a lot of different extra missions, that could give you chance to higher your level before meeting the enemy. You will also be able to visit the third planet in Algo solar system "Rykos", with it's three towers. The story line is good and I think that it's one of the best SEGA games ever!

My score:

Notice: My score doesn't have to do anything with what anybody else think, but if you think different, then please vote on the pop up window that you will find, when you enter My Phantasy star page.

Thank you for your time!

New PS Projects
Phantasy star dark millenium is a game made by 4 fans you can visit them and get the latest information about their game by clicking on this LINK or visit Naflign.

Another game that showes that Phantasy star is still "alive" is Phantasy Star Online or just visit SEGA.
I can't really give you any good information about the game, but you can always find something good about it by searching the searching site like Altavista


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